Why “The Flex Chef?”

You may be wondering… Why is this called “The Flex Chef?” 

In our quest to live a healthier life, my husband, Sean, and I decided to do something that first seemed impossible – go vegan. It was 2014, and we’d been inspired after watching a some food documentaries on Netflix that made us realize that meat factory farms were disgusting, our diets were bad for the environment, and we were probably going to get cancer if we kept up our current way of life. Basically, we felt…


We were convinced and dedicated. But despite our commitment, the first month was… hard. I was just learning my way around a kitchen and knew zero vegan recipes. I threw out a LOT of meals those first few weeks. After hours of searching through Pinterest and some vegan cookbook recommendations from friends, I finally had some go-to dishes that we loved. By the end of the month, I realized I had more energy. Our grocery bills were lower. I even managed to drop some lbs without trying. I was sold.

After a few months though, veganism started to feel too restrictive for us. We started eating a few vegetarian dishes, then introduced fish 1-2 times a week, and then after about a year, we were back to eating meat a couple times a month (mostly when we went out to eat, but still). We were still eating mostly vegan throughout the week, but calling ourselves “vegans” didn’t feel right anymore. Enter: flexitarianism.

As a result of this food “journey,” I learned what herbs and spices, rather than what amount of cream and butter, made food the most flavorful. I learned how to cook a variety of plant-based foods that I initially would have been too afraid to try. I lost my fear of attempting a complex dish, and learned what ingredients to swap if I wanted to modify a recipe so it fit the “lifestyle” we were following at the time. I became a much better and more confident cook. My list of go-to recipes continued to grow.

That list is what I’m sharing with you!

I’ve had several friends and coworkers tell me they want to eat more plant-based, or that they’d like to eat healthier meals in general. Yet at the end of the day, we’re all busy people and cooking healthy takes time and planning. I don’t think we should feel guilty when we indulge from time to time, so I wanted to create a site where people could find a variety of healthy(ish) dishes that matched what they were looking for on any particular day.

Whether you’re trying to live a strictly (insert diet here) lifestyle, or you want to aim for the flexitarian diet ratio of vegetarian-to-flexible options, or you just want to be healthier, this is the place for you.


“Cool, but like… Are you really a ‘chef’?”

Technically, no.

“The Flex Chef” sounded way better than “The Flex Cook.”


It does.

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